The Story

From playing for unknown clubs and high school teams with little exposure, to playing for nationally ranked power house programs with elite ranked players. From having no solid college offers out of high school to starting for his division I team, and starting for a top five nationally ranked division II program. From only playing half the season and half the minutes in his first year professionally abroad for a five-hundred team, to being named the league MVP on the regular season championship team only a year later. Juan Ferrales has always taken adversity as an opportunity to improve, and such adversity as a pinpoint for his work ethic and focus. And although with much disappointment, frustration, doubt, and adaptation, most often these goals are accomplished and even at times surpassed. As the old phrase goes, this story is not told to impress you, yet to impress upon you the virtues this story holds, such as patience, work ethic, discipline, creativity, enthusiasm, and community. These have all been keys to the Juan Ferrales personal story, and are the same virtues that will be instilled in and bleed through our NBT Basketball organization and NBT family.

About NBT

What We Believe

  1. We believe that every person is capable of achieving amazing actions, far greater than the ones they currently have or believe they can achieve. WE BELIEVE IN THE UNDERDOG AND RAGS TO RICHES STORY.
  2. We believe that by dedicating ourselves to our craft-the game of basketball-we learn skills and qualities that make us more valuable not only on the court, but off the court. Within our families, relationships, and community.
  3. We believe that true success lies within the ability to be great and dedicated to our craft, but also great and dedicated to and with people. BOTH. NEVER ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER.
  4. We believe in the uniqueness and authentic-ness of every individual, we value creativity and collaboration. We believe that “genius is insanity right up until it works”. Therefore, we believe in pushing the standard, but never forgetting the value of good old fashion hard work.

How We Do It

We do this by creating a holistic and integrated program for basketball development. One that fosters creativity, collaboration, reflection, but also one that challenges the standard, pushing our limits and beliefs, both to which we hold others and ourselves. NBT does this by taking talents locally and abroad, and allowing each participant to network their skills, abilities, styles of play, and method of training against others from around the world. Allowing these participants and coaches alike an opportunity to grow and expand, in effort to create the Next. Best. Thing. With a focus on personal development, NBT covers every facet of the game and offers its participants guidance and instruction on athletic development, on court basketball skills development, nutrition, in-classroom basketball IQ (basketball specific knowledge) expansion, leadership training, and college recruitment tips and advice. With the understanding that each player and person is unique, we embark on a journey together to become greater. By doing so, our hope is that each participant becomes the greatest basketball player and greatest person they can be. To elevate themselves, to become the Next. Best. Thing. The next best version of themselves.