From the Beginning…


A question I am sure many people ask themselves. A question I’m sure you’re asking yourself right now. A question that I asked myself almost 7 years ago, when I was 20 years old and my hopes of playing college basketball was fading quickly. And with that dream quickly fading, it was nearly a sure sign that my hopes of ever playing overseas as a professional was gone as well. How the hell could I be a pro if I never played at a competitive college level?!

And it’s not to say I couldn’t play at that level. I had D1 college offers, but turned them down because they weren’t the “right fit”. At that point any fit was the right fit, because I had nothing. No coaches calling me, no impressive stats to show for, and for a while no real faith that any of those things would come true.

I had just finished my freshmen year at the local junior college, a team that would finish with the worst record in school history, and the second worst record in the state. The thought of coming up to college coaches was a joke, and I’m sure a few had a laugh or two behind my back when I left the room.

BUT…(theres always a but). I knew that I was the only person who got myself here. I made all the choices that got me to this point. Of course, bad coaches, stats, and records don’t help, but at the end of the day I had to take responsibility for my situation. If I didn’t, I would never escape, never reach my dreams of playing college basketball. Looking back at it now I realize that was a defining point in my life, that was the moment where I “burned the boats” to never look back again. And gratefully, it has led me to the life I have now.


My name is Juan Ferrales, and although at the time I probably wouldn’t have believed it, I am and have been a professional basketball player for the past four years. Since that moment basketball has taken me to two NCAA (Div1/Div2) schools, paid for my education, and allowed me to make friendships and connections all over the world. It’s allowed me to play and live in Europe for the past four years, which has given me the chance to play against some amazing players in some strange and unique places. Even with all that, what I am most grateful for is the ability to wake up every day with the opportunity to better myself and perfect my craft. In short, I have created and am living the life ive always wanted.

My second season in Norway (championship season)


After realizing how incredibly crazy the journey has been, I also realized that thru that craziness ive had a chance to experience a lot. Ive been through so many programs/clubs, with so many coaches, and in so many different places, that ive gotten to see what works and what doesn’t.

Looking back and of course only from having lived it, I can see how I could have made things easier for myself. Perhaps some of the adjustments to my game, my mental approach, or simply decisions and strategies I used or didn’t use. From this I realized there has to be thousands of other people going through the same process, thousands of other people who just like myself want to simply scratch the surface of their true potential. This is the reason I made this place.

Playing against the University of Florida. Barry University was one of four schools I attended after high school

Essentially, I want to make NBT a place where readers can grow and build, a place where they can become the basketball players and people they’ve always wanted to be. I want to make a place filled with enough knowledge, insight, and experience that you could come back over and over again and still find amazing value to help you positively change your life. I’m starting this to give a sense of hope and inspiration to that guy or girl who was just like me 7 years ago and was considering giving up on their dreams.


On this blog I want to share everything that is the life of a hooper (coaches included). Because nothing is ever just the skill, or the weight room, or the mental approach to the games or practices, it’s all together. I also want to add some interesting stories both for fun and inspiration of my own life and of other guys who truly beat the odds, and defined success by their own terms. Lastly, I want to bring some helpful tips and advice to all those people trying to make basketball, as I was, a lifelong dream as a professional abroad.


My goal with this blog is to create a community of people who help and push one another to become greater, and strive for more than the just the shitty hand they are dealt at times. To help those who are trying and working every day to make their dreams a reality, and to give you the resources to do so. I encourage everyone to