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What NBT Skills Camp Offers Campers

Camp Essentials

Small notebook and pen for class sessions. As well as camp jersey and lunch is provided

Video Report Card

Video report card detailing some of the strengths and weaknesses attributed to their game by our coaches. As well as some of the techniques and tips to solve them

Nutrional Insight

Nutritional sessions dedicated to teaching players what to fuel their bodies for games, training, and season

On-Court Skill Development

Led most often by active professional players and coaches campers get hands on instruction and tips from the pros to improve their game

Athletic Development

Athletic development training contains sessions where campers will learn the practical knowledge in developing their physique specifically for the game of basketball (Ex. Vertical jump, speed/quickness)


In-class room sessions include player and situational breakdowns, shot technique sessions, and other valuable subjects that enhance basketball IQ

Learn hands on from active coaches and players on how they elevated their game, and how you can do the same! Check dates and prices here

Who, When, and Where

Set close to the heart of Miami's downtown, NBT Skills Camp will be hosted by SLAM Academy Charter School. This small and unique location offers us the ability to work closely and independently with our campers, and with a newly built athletic facility the standard and level of commitment is second to none. Camp will be conducted June 26-30th (Mon-Fri), 2017. Camp hours are from 9am-4pm. Camp is open to boys and girls grades 6th-12th.

SLAM Academy Charter School

Miami, FL, USA

June 26-30th, 2017

(9am-4pm) Daily

Boys and Girls

Grades 6th-12th

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“The players who understand all it takes is one off-season to completely change their game, in my opinion, are those who most often succeed. Those who are willing to separate themselves are the ones who succeed. And I think every great player had their “summer”, or that period of time that started everything for them. My goal is to make NBT that place”

Juan Ferrales Founder of NBT Basketball and Pro Basketball Player

NBT Skills Camp Emphasis

On-Court Skill

Coaches attending NBT Skills Camp have played at these schools and professional teams